"...while I was musing the fire burned." Psalms 39:3

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July/August 2017 Prayer Letter

July began with our Summer Revival. It was a blessed time with Evangelist Bob Jones, and God used the messages to challenge us to get right with Him, get close to the Lord, and do more for Him. The spirit and turnout were brilliant.

The next few weeks in July, we worked hard to prepare for Holiday Bible Club (Vacation Bible School) at the end of July. Over 1,000 personal invitations were given out throughout Skelmersdale and Liverpool. As we prepared for HBC, we had some work done on some equipment at the church. The mechanic came to carry out the work and brought his wife with him. As he worked, Holly began to talk with his wife. Just a moment before he finished the work, his wife received Christ as Saviour! Over the next few days, 3 were saved through the HBC!

In the midst of the HBC, we

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May/June 2017 Prayer Letter

As we look over the past two months, God has moved and worked in such a wonderful way here in Skelmersdale. We began the month of May with some intensive canvassing and soul winning for Friend Day, which we held on May 14. People worked hard, and God blessed with 5 saved that week out soul winning and in the services! Some family members of our members came and heard a clear presentation of the Gospel. Pray that those who were saved will continue growing through discipleship and take the next step in baptism, and pray that the ones who came on that Sunday would get saved.

Holly and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary at the end of May. It’s hard to believe that it has already been 15 years since we gave our wedding vows to one another. A lot has transpired over these years. God has … read more