"...while I was musing the fire burned." Psalms 39:3

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May/June 2018 Prayer Letter

Revival: From the 18thto the dawn of the 20thcentury, much happened in England throughout Christianity. Men like John Newton, author of “Amazing Grace,” C.H. Spurgeon, George Whitefield, and others invested their lives for the Gospel to be preached. England was a shining light for Christ. Today the scene is much different. Today England needs revival!

SBC enjoys telling others the Gospel. Often we hear families telling stories of how they were able to “preach the Gospel” to someone else. This desire pleases the Lord, and we are grateful for the opportunity to preach Christ crucified and risen again in a free country. Years ago, the Gospel would be met with a receptive heart; however, today we often hear the response of “I’m not religious” or “I’m an atheist.” England needs revival!

The past couple of months, SBC has invested much time in prayer for revival. At … read more

March/April 2018 Prayer Letter

Spring has brought a lot of activity in soul winning and outreach. In March we began “Project Bearing Precious Seed,” where we have started distributing the books of John and Romans in booklet form to 20,000 homes. We divided the church into two teams, and we are having some friendly competition getting these John and Romans to people. The church people are having a great time with this, and almost 3,000 have been distributed. Praise our God!

Recently a man gave testimony that after receiving a John and Romans, he immediately began reading it in entirety. Others have contacted us as a result of receiving these wonderful portions of the Word of God, expressing their thanks and sharing how the Scriptures have been working in their hearts. Pray that God will help us with these divine appointments with souls that we may “preach Christ crucified” and risen again.… read more