"...while I was musing the fire burned." Psalms 39:3

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January/February 2017 Prayer Letter

The start of 2017 has been an exciting couple of months. Skelmersdale Baptist Church started 2017 with a new theme, “Excellent Is Thy Name,” from Psalm 8:1. Our focus this year is on how we can honor the name of the Lord and live a life that testifies to the great name of our God. God is so great, and His name is above every name! Pray that the Lord continues using this to remind us of Who our great God is!

On January 8, we had a baptismal service, and God blessed with 3 people baptized! A man named Neil and his daughter were baptized, along with another lady named Natalie, who got saved the Thursday before the baptismal service. It was great to see Natalie get baptized at the first available opportunity after she received Christ as Saviour. Pray for each of them as they continue in discipleship.… read more

November/December 2016 Prayer Letter

My family and I hope you had a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! God blessed with a great first Christmas season with Skelmersdale Baptist Church, and a joyous end to 2016.

After church on Sunday, December 11th, Jonathan (our son that was in the hospital and had difficulty with blurry vision) came up to Holly and handed her a small print New Testament. He asked her to pick a verse, she did, and Jonathan read it to her perfectly! He did the same to me, and, since that Sunday, his vision has been perfect! The doctors don’t have any answers for why, but we believe God has brought healing and health! God has answered our prayers and we’re so grateful for each of you that have prayed for Jonathan! Glory to God! Continue praying for health for Jonathan.

God brought a man named Neil and his family to … read more