"...while I was musing the fire burned." Psalms 39:3

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September/October 2019 Prayer Letter

The Lord has taught me a lesson, a truth that has brought a renewed focus on Him. In Isaiah 40:27-31, we read a very familiar set of verses. I have heard many messages from this passage over the years, but I misunderstood the context. The Jews were given a promise to return to Jerusalem, and yet during the 70 years of captivity, they would begin to complain that their punishment should be over and/or God had forgotten them. God then reminds them of Who He is and the strength He supplies. The truth God brought to my heart is that without the captivity, the problem, and/or the punishment, we would never know what God can do. God uses the negatives (as we see them) for positives so we see how strong God is! Our God is so strong that the struggles in life are one of His ways to show … read more

July/August 2019 Prayer Letter

This year we have been speaking on the theme “By Grace We Grow; By Grace We Serve.” As we have studied and focused on God’s grace, we have seen how grace is liberty to obey and serve. God’s rich favor enables us to grow and serve in ways we cannot without God’s help. His people have been strengthened and emboldened to step out by faith through His grace these past two months.

The summer break for school doesn’t begin until the end of July here in the UK. It is then that we hold our Holiday Bible Club (VBS). This year the church did much of the work. We organized and set up things, but the actual preaching, teaching, games, activities, and invitation work was all done by the workers. God’s grace helped people serve, who had not served before, and see souls saved for the very first time! It’s … read more