"...while I was musing the fire burned." Psalms 39:3

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March/April 2021 Prayer Letter

Leading up to Easter, 10,000 Gospel tracts, themed “Jesus Changes Everything,” were sent out through the mail. The church prayed and served Christ together, and God blessed the services. During the normal schedule, the morning service would be at 11:00; we desired to make the services accessible to more people, so we had two services that morning at 9:00 and 11:00. God brought a family back that we hadn’t seen in years and a visiting family to the church services. The Gospel was preached, and Jesus was exalted! 

Pray for those who visited, those who returned to church, and those who chose to watch online. As the Gospel was given, our hearts’ desire is that they would get saved and grow in Christ. 

Twenty-one years ago, God brought a pastor named Corey Bane into my life. In June 2000 during a revival meeting, God knit my heart to this pastor. … read more

January/February 2021 Prayer Letter

January began with a Vision Service, where we spoke of the new theme, “I Believe.” God has led us to preach and teach through doctrine this year. Pray that God will use this to establish new believers and perfect the saints.

The third lockdown is still in force. In-person services have been able to continue on Sunday mornings with livestreaming, and then Wednesdays have been livestreamed. One man contacted us after watching a service online. He got saved through a livestreamed service and came across our online videos. He asked about coming to church but had difficulty coming because of the distance from Preston, which is about 20 miles away. Our friend and fellow missionary, Dave Solt, pastors in Preston, and we were able to connect them both. This man went to their church, and he is growing in the Lord. Thank the Lord for using media to reach another … read more