Leading up to Easter, 10,000 Gospel tracts, themed “Jesus Changes Everything,” were sent out through the mail. The church prayed and served Christ together, and God blessed the services. During the normal schedule, the morning service would be at 11:00; we desired to make the services accessible to more people, so we had two services that morning at 9:00 and 11:00. God brought a family back that we hadn’t seen in years and a visiting family to the church services. The Gospel was preached, and Jesus was exalted! 

Pray for those who visited, those who returned to church, and those who chose to watch online. As the Gospel was given, our hearts’ desire is that they would get saved and grow in Christ. 

Twenty-one years ago, God brought a pastor named Corey Bane into my life. In June 2000 during a revival meeting, God knit my heart to this pastor. For 21 years now, our relationship has only deepened and strengthened. Eight years ago, God moved Pastor Corey Bane to a church called Shenandoah Bible Baptist Church (SBBC) in Martinsburg, West Virginia. In the following months, we would become part of that church’s missions family, as they would become our sending church, like Antioch was the Apostle Paul’s sending church in Acts. The reason for our change was the strong relationship we have with Pastor Corey Bane.

God has moved my pastor and his wife Caryn to call Holly and me and ask us to consider two positions at SBBC. Pastor Bane asked me to become his assistant pastor, working directly with him. They offered Holly the opportunity to work with Mrs. Bane in the music ministry.

In a recent church service, we read Psalm 138. The first part of Verse 8, “The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me,” gripped my heart. This became my prayer and my heart. I bathed my heart and mind in God’s Word, prayed day and night, fasted, and sought counsel from a multitude of counsellors. God was and is “perfecting that which concerneth us.”

While bathing my heart in the Word of God, praying, fasting, going nights without sleeping, and much counselling, God brought my heart and mind to Psalm 1 repeatedly. The thought of God planting us by the rivers of water and bringing forth fruit in due season kept coming back to me. This happened in Scripture, conversations, sermons, and from so many unexpected sources. I couldn’t get away from it. God had planted a seed in my heart 21 years ago when he knit my heart to Pastor Bane, and now He is bringing it to fruition.

After months of Bible reading and study, prayer, fasting, many hours of counselling, and seeing God lead my wife’s heart in unity with mine, God led me to a very clear decision. God is leading me to become the assistant pastor of Shenandoah Bible Baptist Church in Martinsburg, West Virginia. I have accepted the position God has been cultivating in my heart for 21 years.

This is not something I sought, nor did I expect. However, looking back, I see how God has shaped and “perfected” in my life. This is God’s will for me and my family.

On June 23, my family and I will return to the States to prepare for and begin the ministry our Lord has directed us to at SBBC. Please pray for God’s wisdom for us as we make this transition.

Skelmersdale Baptist Church has organized a pulpit committee, and godly men are seeking God’s direction for the next pastor. The church is established, and God will lead the right man at the right time to the pastorate. Please continue praying for them as they continue the Gospel ministry there.

Thank you to our supporters who have faithfully supported our ministry for years. The Gospel has been preached, souls have been saved, believers have been baptized, churches have been started, and disciples have been trained. We have been faithful to the work God gave us. Heaven will tell what God has done through your gracious enabling of God’s ministry. Please consider one more month of support as we make this transition.

May God bless you, your family, and your ministries.