Skelmersdale Baptist Church in Liverpool, England

God has graciously allowed us to serve with Skelmersdale Baptist Church in Liverpool, England. I have the great privilege of pastoring SBC with my beautiful wife and sons at my side in this exciting ministry as missionaries.

Skelmersdale Baptist Church has celebrated their fourth anniversary, and has seen growth in this young ministry. The church has seen God perform some amazing miracles including giving us a building from local city council for a cost of £1 ($1.75) a year for 35 years! SBC is the only evangelical church in the area of Skelmersdale with a population of over 50,000 people.

Our heart’s desire is to train more nationals, start more churches throughout England, and reach the world with the Gospel of Christ. There is much work to do and we covet your prayers as we labor together to see souls saved, baptized, discipled, and sent to go and do likewise.

Liverpool is an area of 1 million people situated in the northwestern part of England. It is a city with dozens of nationalities from the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Europe, and many other areas of the world. 95% of the people in England do not attend a church of any kind. Of the 5% who do attend a church, less than 1% are born-again Christians. John Newton wrote the great hymn “Amazing Grace” here, but the amazing grace John Newton penned in song needs proclaimed to more souls.

Please pray for SBC and us as we labor together to reach this city and the world for the cause of Christ.

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